Sherry Sherry Channeling Group Meeting 10/7/2001
September 11th, 2001 Events

Very well then, we do welcome you this evening.  Very strong energy present, not only in this room and on this land, but, at this time, around the world.

As you know, there are many energies of conflict, confusion, fear, hatred, anger, greed, and peace around the world.  Those energies are always present.  They are omnipresent, but in varying degrees and strengths.  At this time, with world events, all of those energies are heightened.  All of those energies are competing for the same space, for the same energy, for the same time and the same devotion.

So it is; in your prayers, and in your thoughts, and in your heart, to hold the thought, to hold the prayer, and to hold the energy that all of those negative qualities, all of those energies that are based in the energy of fear  - those fear based energies are the hatred, the anger, the greed, the desire to hurt, the desire for revenge, the desire to be aggressive, the desire to attack - they are all based in fear.  Even the energy of hurt.

So it is - hold in your thoughts, hold in your hearts, and hold in your prayers the thought that all of these energies will shrink, and shrink, and shrink until they are dissipated until they disappear.  Until there is no space, no energy left to sustain them.

What will take the place of this space and the energy that they now occupy?  The energy of love.  The energy of peace.  The energy of oneness, and knowingness of all things.

For this is just not about the human species.  The human species is just but one of the living things upon this planet.  It is about all living things.  It is about the Earth, it is about the environment.  It is about the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and yes, even the insect kingdom.  For all living things are affected.

So it is, in your diligence to promote, through the energy of love, the awareness that will bring in the energy of peace.

As has been spoken of here before, there are those souls that were born during these times, in the past fifty years, that came to experience the chaos and the destruction of the times that were then predicted, those times that were predicted to be World War III.  Those predictions were not wrong or inaccurate.  But a prediction is just that, and nothing more.  It is a prediction, it is a scene of the future.  But the future is written in the sand. It is written in the wind.  It can be changed through your intent, and through your focus.

And so it is, through the concentrated efforts of many millions of sentient beings across the globe, working in partnership with the consciousness of those beings not in the physical but that are also desirous of peace, was the energy that would have culminated in this global catastrophe known as World War III transmuted and minimized.

It did not end all fighting around the world.  There were still tribal fights, country fights, there were small skirmishes and wars between rivals.  And even here, on this continent called North America, albeit in small ways between, say, rival gangs or rival families.  Those souls that came seeking to have the experience of the chaos and the destruction were getting their experience through those avenues, through those outlets, rather then through the chaos of the World War III that would have been, if not for the intervention of so many souls, so many beings bringing in concerted effort to bring about peace.

But understand even while some of those souls that came for whatever their reasons are to experience that destruction and that chaos, some still wanted more.  Some would not stop until they got the full scale of destruction that they came to be a part of.  They wanted to work this energy out of their souls.

Now you may ask "If the soul is of the energy of the One God, or the One Creator of all things, then why would a soul come in wanting hatred, and wanting to fight, and wanting destruction, and wanting chaos?"  Just as it is true that in a person's lifetime you may not know where they have been, and where they are coming from, and what they are bringing with them that makes them the way they are, so it is the same with the soul.  Souls have traveled many, many different paths, and so therefore carry with them a variety of needs.  And that is why some of these souls still want to create that chaos.  Those souls that came in hoping to create personal power for themselves out of this chaos wanted this more then anyone, and still seek to create it.

So this is why it is still important to work on dissipating those energies.  It is not to say that those people that you would call Lightworkers got complacent in their efforts towards peace, but it did not have the same intensity and focus in recent times that it had in the past.  And so it is, with these activities can you now once again rise up to the occasion, brining your focus and your energy towards these global perspectives.

Will there be a World War III?

We are not here to predict one eventual outcome or another.  There are too many doing that.

We are not here to predict that there will be peace, so that you may become complacent and not put your focus and energy in.

We are not here to predict that there will be global destruction, so that you will be paralyzed with fear, while perhaps doing your prayers out of the intent and the foundation of fear.

So we are not here to say it will be one or the other.

We are here to say what your part is.  What your soul path is.  And what your plan is.

We are here for you, as the individuals working within the mass consciousness.

We are not making a prediction because there is any fear that it may be wrong or different.  There is no need for a prediction.  You know in your heart what the outcome is.  So there is no need to have fear in your heart.  Have peace in your heart.  Have the energy of peace and compassion, and love in your heart.  It is your soul.  It already is your soul.  Let it radiate from you - from your thoughts, from your words, from your deeds, from your essence.  That is what is needed at this time.  Awaken others who may not be awakened.  Re-awaken ones who may have gone to sleep after a prior awakening.  And understand that there is, of all things, one Creator, one God, one Source.  No matter what perception that he or she may be seen in.

If you see the Original Creator, the energy of Creation of all things, what creator would ask any part of its creation to destroy another part?  No.  No creator would do that.

Now there may be those souls, that in their turmoil and in their torment, they are unable, in their conscious minds, to find peace and serenity in this lifetime.  Their only thoughts are to bring destruction and chaos to others.  Then it is, out a sense of peace that it would be right to return those souls back to creation, by removing their physical lives.

But we are not suggesting that it is to go kill others.  First, pray for those souls.  Pray for their consciousness to be enlightened, to be awakened.  Pray for them to have the opportunity to release their fears, to release their hatreds, and replace them with peace.  Replace them with knowingness, and oneness, and love.

It is like the return of the prodigal son.  It is a far greater victory to have these souls, in their physical incarnation, transmute the destruction that they came in with.  But, if it can not be transmuted, then it might be most expeditious for those souls to be returned to spirit where they can be healed.

This is the Age of Aquarius, it is the time of peace.  But understand, peace is not just about peace among human beings, among the races, among the religions.  It is about peace will all living things.  For when you have peace with all living things, you have respect for them.  So you understand that if you must cut down a tree to build a home, you do that - for this is why many of these things exist, to be utilized.  But you do not just go destroying forests for the pleasure of it.  To clear-cut the land.  To burn the trees.  If you cut down a tree, utilize it.  Do not let its physical sacrifice be in vane.  It is the same with the plant that you may eat, or for those that also eat from the animal kingdom, it is to know that they give their lives in sacrifice for a greater good.

But it also to have honor and respect for the life that they had, the consciousness that they had until they made their sacrifice.  This is why we give thanks, and blessings over a meal.

We know there are many questions this evening, so we will allow you to proceed.............

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