Sri Swami Parmanand Ji Maharaj

Swami's 2004 American Tour 
Yug Purush Swami Parmanandji Maharaj

Gentle reminder: both men and women are asked to dress modestly (no shorts, tank tops, etc.), and in respect for the customs of India, women are requested to wear a scarf or shawl to cover their shoulders and chest. Shoes are always removed as soon as you enter the temples, and many of the private homes. 

If you are not comfortable sitting on the floor, most of the temples have a limited number of chairs available, or you may want to bring a backjack, pillow or folded blanket to sit on.

Besides financial gifts, people often like to bring gifts of fresh flowers, fresh fruit, dried fruits, candies or nuts to offer to Swamiji, he then blesses these gifts and hands them out to everyone.

**SPECIAL NOTE: Swamiji NEVER charges a fee to attend his events, and all donation suggestions are just that, A SUGGESTION, NOT a Requirement, His events (except events in Private homes that are by invitation only by the Host) are open to the public, and all are WELCOME to attend.

Date:                         Location                             Contact Person
May14-29th:          New York and  New Jersey:
Contact Persons:   for NY and NJ
Anubha & Vipin Mahajan, 732 249 1240 
Pandit Dixit, Pandit Shashtri, Mr. Kathuria,
Larry Aidasani 973 882 1661,
Dr. Rakesh Shreedhar 914 879 1480,
Balu Advani 201 934 9495,
May 14th Friday: Staten Island Temple 7 p.m.~8.30p.m
How to attain Supreme Knowledge?
Parveen Sharma: (718) 987 8565, Prof. P. Mishra
(718) 478 3185; Prof. V. Agrwal (718) 982 2464; Vinay Dogra (718) 698 1210; Makarand Abhyankar (718) 720 9322;

May 15th~16th: Satynarayan Temple, Woodside, Queen, NY
Yoga, Meditation, Enlightenment Camp
Pandit Shashtriji : (718) 899 8863; Neeraj Chatiyal (718) 478 3185

May 16th: 4 p.m. Shakti Yoga Center, 3 Victory Boulevard at Bay Street Landing, Staten Island, NY 10301 What is Yoga & True Life? Ways to Supreme Truth?
Pam or Alice : (718) 442-9400

May 17th : Starseed Yoga Center, 356 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042 What is True Yoga, Meditation, & Enlightenment?
Jyoti Crystal: (973) 783 1036 Elisa (518) 477 9512

May 18th~May 23rd: Sessions at various locations in New Jersey:
How to Die?
Dr. Rakesh Shreedhar (845) 942 0228 Balram Advani (201) 934 9495 Larry Aidasani (973) 882 1661

May 25th~29nd: Hindu Center, 45-52 Kissena Blvd. Flushing, NY 11355
Living Life Meditation, Supreme Knowledge Camp
Pandit Dixitji (718) 358-6726

May 30~31: 105 Luther Rd East Greenbush, N.Y. 12061
Intensive workshop for Meditation & Enlightenment.
Rick & Elisa Cotroneo: (518) 477-9512

May 30-June 1st: Albany, NY: Rick & Elisa  Controneo

June 1-15th: Southern, Virginia, and North Carolina
June 1-June 6 Asheville NC area
            Dr. Jeffrey Goldwasser (828)627-8494
June 2  Earthhaven Eco Village - Black Mountain, NC
        Ms. Valerie Naiman (828)669-8879
June 3  Unity Center - Fletcher, NC
           Ms Jana Weed (828)684-3798
June 4  World Peace Chamber - Swannanoa, NC
           Ms. Zoe Bryant (828) 298-3935
June 5-6 East West Bridge Long Dance - Waynesville, NC
            Dr. Jeffery Goldwasser (828) 627-8494 
June 7- June 15  Rockville Virginia
     June 7 -Akhand Param Dham of America
     Retreat & Private Discourses
     Rev. Sally Perry (804) 749-4679 

June 5-6: Swannanoa NC
East West Bridge Figure-8 Long Dance
Rev. Sally Perry or Zoe Bryant (828) 298-3935

June 10 – 13: Rockville, VA
"Opening to God Within" Retreat
Rev. Sally Perry

June 13 : Charles Taylor Art Center Hampton, VA 6:00pm
"Living Spiritually in Today's World"
Contact Michael Curry (757) 727-1490
with Living Successfully Radio Show with host Bob Keeton

JUNE 16 - 20, 2004

His Holiness

Acharya Mahamandelashwar Yug Purush Swami Parmanand Maharaj ji
Is a title bestowed upon Swamiji by other Saints and Holy people,
his titles mean:
 "The Enlightened One of His Time',
"The Teacher of His Age"
It is believed that for each generation
One Supreme Holy person comes to guide
and lead others upon their paths to Self Realization,
Swamiji is recognized as
that Holy Leader.
Swami Parmanandji
Affectionately known as "Swamiji"

Swamiji is a Vedanta Yoga Scholar and Teacher.   His teachings on the Bhagavad Gita are clear, concise, and easy to understand.  He shows everyone the path to Self Realization.   His books have been translated into several languages including English.
He has tens of millions of followers around the world and
devotes his entire life to the teaching of others in
Self Realization, and the uplifting of life for those in need. 
His every effort is dedicated to the well being both
physically and spiritually of others.
He was a highly regarded representative of India at the
United Nations Millennium Peace Summit of World
Religious Leaders in September 2000 and a
highly sought after speaker and teacher.
He has over 40 books in print that have been
translated in numerous languages.
SwamiJi teaches from the Vedanta Philosophy,
which believes there is just one soul
that pervades through out the Universe
The Supreme Soul
is the Universe
and we are all part of or
a reflection of that existence  


Discourses on Vedanta and Self-Realization by


Acharya Mahamandelashwar Yug Purush

Wednesday, June 16th: EVENING 7:30 PM - 9 PM, NETWORK OF LIGHT
Teaching and Meditation, Contact BARBARA CARPENTER  
Rev. Sherry Sherry  703-912-1938
Barbara Carpenter 202-363-9343

Thursday, June 17th
Teaching and Meditation,
Contact Kirit Anjaria 703-759-5600,

Friday, June 18th
: AFTERNOON - ANGEL HILL HOUSE ; Leesburg, Virginia, Private event by invitation,
Teaching and Meditation, Contact Rev. Sherry Sherry,

Friday, June 18th
Teaching and Meditation, Contact Rev. Sherry Sherry
7 - 7:30 Free Reiki Healing Sessions

Saturday, June 19th
: AFTERNOON - 12 - 2 PM,
CCWH Friends Meeting House, 660 Spring Street, Herndon, VA ; Leesburg, Virginia
Teaching on Self Realization and Meditation,

Contact Rev. Sherry Sherry,

Saturday, June 19th
: EVENING 5 -7:30 PM - Mangal Mandir Temple
Silver Spring Maryland - 
Teaching on 'Atma-Gyan' and Meditation, Contact Kirit Anjaria or the Temple  301-384-8193
Sunday, June 20th: 11:30 AM - 1 PM ; Radjhani Mandir Temple, Chantilly, Virginia
Teaching and Meditation, Contact: Kirit Anjaria, or The Temple 703-378-8401, 02

Teaching and Meditation, Contact BARBARA CARPENTER, Rev. Sherry Sherry
Barbara Carpenter 202-363-9343

Jun 21-25: Davis California Laima Druskis & Mary DeMartino
Call 530-867- 1877

Jun 25th: Evening in Yuba City   California  
Contact Joginder Singh 530-751-1541
             Jogindar Singhji Nijjar, Didar Singhji

Jun 26th & 27th : Sunnyvale    California  
4 to 7 PM each day at
DeAnza College
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino CA 95014
Contact Andre 408-234-8706
and VP Singh 408-867-3085
Email V P Singh at

Jun 28th : RETURN TO INDIA, 

*Rajdhani Mandir:
4525 Pleasant Valley Road, Chantilly, VA 20151
Website : 
Telephone : (703) 378-8401 & 8402

**Shri Mangal Mandir:
17110 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD – 20905
Web-site :
Telephone : (301) 384-8193

***Directions to the DurgaTemple: 
Telephone : (703) 690-9355

From Fairfax County Parkway, Virginia:
Take the VA-7100 SOUTH/FAIRFAX COUNTY PKWY towards Springfield, VA Take Exit for HOOES RD South/SR-636  After about a mile, turn right onto Copper Leaf Way. Temple will be on the left, at the intersection of HOOES RD and SILVERBROOK RD 

From I-495/I-395:From I-495 (Beltway) or I-395, take I-95 South towards Richmond. From I-95, take exit 163 (LORTON exit) and turn right onto Lorton Rd (SR 642). Make right turn onto Silverbrook road (SR 600 ). Go straight on Silverbrook road and at first traffic light after 2.4 miles, make right on Hooes road (SR 636). Take the first left turn onto Copper Leaf Way. The temple is on the left at the intersection of Hooes Road and Silverbrook Road 

From the Beltway (Inner Loop):
Take exit 9 to I-66 W. Take exit 57B to Rt. 50 W. After 7 miles turn left on Pleasant Valley Rd. Rajdhani Mandir is on the left after about 1 mile. From the Beltway (Outer Loop): Take exit 12 for Washington Dulles Access Rd. Take exit for 28 S. After 4 miles take exit for Rt. 50 W. After 1.7 miles turn left at the 4th light on Pleasant Valley Rd. Rajdhani Mandir is on the left after about 1 mile.From the Fairfax County Parkway: Take exit for Rt. 50 W. Turn left at the 4th light after crossing Rt. 28, on Pleasant Valley Rd. Rajdhani Mandir is on the left after about 1 mile.

From the Beltway(I-495)
take exit for 650-north ( New Hampshire Ave North). Drive for approximately 9 miles. Mandir is on left at 17110 New Hampshire Ave.

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