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Sherry Sherry's predictions have been quoted in:
  • USA Today,                  
  • USA Today Sports Weekly,            
  • The Washington Post,            
  • The National Journal,          
  • The Buck Martinez Show on ESPN,            
  • Broad Minded on XM, Take 5              
  • Broadcast House LIVE! -WUSA, CBS Washington DC  
  • WUSA - CBS  TV 9 News at 6 and 11
  • WFTS  - ABC Action News, Tampa, FL
<>In September 2006 Sherry Sherry was quoted in 2 articles
in USA Today Sports Magazine and 
an article in the  Washington Post Sports Section  for
her startling (and accurate) predictions that some
games of the 2006 World Series would be played
in Detroit.   (at the time of the predictions, Detroit
was the wild card and not considered to have any
real chance of reaching the series).    Sherry made
these predictions on the air in an interview with Buck
Martinez of ESPN.   Later, on The Broad Minded
Show, XM Radio, Take 5, Sherry also accurately predicted that the Cardinals would win the World Series of 2006.          

In October 2006, Sherry was quoted in The
National Journal by editor Randy Barrett
with her predictions for the upcoming elections.
Sherry accurately predicted that the Democrats
would regain control of the House, and that the
race for control of the Senate would be very close,
and be almost 50/50 and come down to vote counting.
She also predicted that long shot Jim Webb would
win the senate race against George Allen in the state
of Virginia.  Webb was considered a long shot to win.
Jim Webb did win the Senate seat, the votes had to
be hand counted because the margin was so narrow, and
the control of the Senate was not decided until the vote
count in the State of Virginia was finished two days later
confirming Jim Webb, a Democrat, as winner of the senate
seat previously held by Republican, George Allen.
In November 2006, Sherry and Christine Eads were
guests of ABC for Super Soap Weekend at MGM/
Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida where Christine
and Sherry got to interview and meet with several of
the ABC daytime stars, and give some readings.  
Sherry was also interviewed by WFTS, ABC
Action News, the ABC affiliate station from Tampa, FL for her predictions on the upcoming hurricane season of 2007, and the ending season of 2006. 

Radio and Television appearances:

XM Radio - Take 5, Broadminded -- Regular 1 hour segment each Monday call in show and topical discussions
WUSA (CBS Washington) News at 6 and 11 (multiple appearances)
WUSA (CBS Washington) Broadcast House Live! (Multiple appearances)
Channel 10  Fairfax "The Psychic Show"  (Multiple appearances)
News For The Soul  (Multiple appearances)
MIX 107.3 Jack Diamond Show  (Since 1996)

Sherry is also a popular public speaker and writer and has worked with:

Prayer Vigil for the Earth (speaker)
The Ark (writer)
A.R.E. (Newsletter)
(Edgar Cayce Foundation) (writer)
Washington's Finest Magazine (writer)
Learning Escapes of Washington DC (speaker)
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (speaker)
Feng Shui Guild (speaker)
Annapolis Holistic Healers (speaker)
Holistic Health Fair of Baltimore (speaker)
Community Chapel of Wholistic Healing (speaker)
Akhand Param Dham (speaker)
Yug Nihar (writer)

Sherry has donated her talents to many fundraising events:

Children's Hospital of Washington - Andre Chreky
Boarder Babies Foundation
Hospice of Washington
Volunteers of Loudoun Hospital
Interfaith Relief
Basin Street Mardi Gras
Basin Street Halloween
Volunteers of Mt. Vernon
and several others

This is only a partial list of activities.  Additionally, it may not include any appearances, events or articles prior to 1995 and may not include many recent activities.

After the tragic shootings at Virginia Polytechnic University (VA TECH)
in April 2007, many people ask, "If psychics are so good, why can't they
predict and prevent such events as the shootings on the university campus
in Blacksburg, VA at Va Tech?"
The answer is actually very simple - there is so much news, so many events,
so much emotion, action and energy going on in the world at any given
moment in time, multiply that energy by hundreds of minutes, hours and days,
and you realize, that even watching every single news program,
and reading every magazine, no human
could possibly keep up with or be informed about everything that is going on in
the world and being reported on, RIGHT NOW, IN THIS MOMENT.
Now - Imagine the vast amount of information that exsists in the 'ethers', a place
of 'no time' and 'no space'.
A place where past, present and future can exist.
Imagine having to access all of that data, and extracting only the most significant,
important, or poignant information to share, BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENS, BEFORE
anyone else even knows about it, talks about it, or shares information about it!
No editors, producers, news crews to research for you and edit information for you
and give it to you in plain language.
The amount of energy, events, probabilities and possibilities that exists in the
'ethers' or psychic realm, the realm of universal consciousness is so vast
and not limited by time or space, that the extraction of of information on even
one such major event, is like finding the one speck of dust that you are looking
for inside of the largest sports stadium in the world.

Sherry is on XM Radio! Every Monday at 6 PM (ET)
On Broadminded - XM Channel 155 - Take 5

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